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 The Mitchell Institute has authored 40 research reports since 2000

The Mitchell Institute’s scholarship research documents the college and career experiences of our Scholars, provides evidence of Scholars’ success, and evaluates our programs and events to ensure that Mitchell Scholars and Alumni receive effective support. Our research also supports our mission by providing data to inform policymakers and public opinion about college enrollment, persistence, and completion in Maine, and policies and practices that can expand Maine students’ access to and success in college.

The latest numbers on Maine’s “education pipeline” show that we need to do better at every point. Of the 16,830 young Mainers who entered the 9th grade in 2003:

• 85% graduated from high school in June of 2007. (Maine’s high school graduation rate has since increased to 86%.)
• 50% enrolled in college that fall. (College-going has since increased by three percentage points.)
• 43% returned for the second year of college.
• 33% completed an associate or bachelor’s degree by 2012.

So out of just under 17,000 9th graders from 2003, a little over 5,500 made it through college within ten years.

For more Mitchell Institute research findings, please refer to our three major research areas: Maine education topicsMitchell Scholar & Alumni Study, and Aspirations.