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Mitchell Scholar Ellen Sabina Sows Support for Farmers Statewide

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 55 seconds Ellen Sabina has a lot of Maine on her mind these days — nearly 1.5 million acres, give or take, as well as the people who farm it. Sabina is the Director of Farmer Engagement and Organizing for the Maine Farmland Trust, a statewide nonprofit organization that protects… Read more »

Charis Loveland: The Path from Bonny Eagle High School to Bates to Global Program Manager at Amazon Web Services

Listen up as Charis Loveland, the 1998 Scholar from Bonny Eagle High School and a 2002 graduate of Bates College, shares insights on her path to becoming the Global Program Manager at Amazon Web Services (specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning), why she believes emotional intelligence is the key to gaining personal and professional… Read more »

Scholars Carve Their Way to a Stronger Community at UMaine

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 33 seconds When Lauren Turcotte Seavey asked fellow Mitchell Scholars at the University of Maine what they wanted to do for fun this fall, many spied an opportunity for something they hadn’t done in years. “After MILE I, Scholars on campus were excited about the new friendships that were forming… Read more »